Drivesure Deals With Drivesure Data Breach

Car dealers need to be aware of the risks of cyber-attacks issues data. Drivesure, a service specialist that helps stores visit this site right here build buyer devotion by leveraging data about customer trips and choices, is not really immune to threats. In fact , the firm has suffered a tremendous data breach that may have destroyed 3. two million drivers’ personal information.

Online hackers dumped a 22GB file of DriveSure databases over a hacking discussion board last month, according to research workers at Risk Structured Security. The information dump included 91 MySQL databases with sensitive consumer data which includes names, address, phone numbers, current email address, vehicle VIN numbers, documents and damage claims. Likewise exposed had been more than 93, 063 bcrypt hashed security passwords. Though bcrypt is considered a very good encryption technique, accounts saved in this manner are at risk of brute push attacks longer periods of time.

The hackers apparently stole the details to sell that on discussion boards or perhaps use it to create fake accounts on popular websites. In addition they could have tried it to access talk about agencies and small businesses apply Accellion’s computer software to transfer large documents. The company says it is checking out the incident.

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